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LED Grow Light Z Series


. On/off devices to make control much easier
. Step dimming for different period of growth
. Adjustable power consumption and Iumination area
. This product integrated heat sink and driver, extrusion pure aluminum can 100% ensure heat dissipation
. High power branded Epileds with high PAR Value
. Including Special spectrum like provides by IR (Infrared) to increase the yield
. Passive heat sink and integrated driver
. Energy saving, environmental friendly
. Adjustable linear bar quantity to make much more convenient repair and replacement in the future
. 3 years warranty or other warranty period specified in agreement
. All types of hydroponics, horticulture and agriculture purpose
. Seeding, rooting, breeding, flowering and fruiting periods
. Locations: farm, exhibition, garden, home, urban, bonsai and univerity lab
. Gorwth of fruits, vegetables, flowers and so on